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Service Features

All AdviseForce service plans include the following guarantees, services and features.
Service Level Guarantee

All of our fixes and solutions are guaranteed. If for any reason we are unable to fix a problem or implement a solution, you don’t pay.

Digital Operations Shield

Our Digital Operations Shield provides an insurance-like protection of your total digital operations with rapid technical resolutions, administrative actions, and development solutions per your service plan, including unlimited malware removal.

Brand & Trademark Shield

Each service plan includes up to 3 brand names and/or trademarks that we monitor and protect. We actively search for hijacking, counterfeiting, abuse, and impersonation for your marks. Upon you approval, every infringement we identify is pursued with cease and desist demands, 3rd party platform notifications, and other means of removal to recover your revenue and protect your brand.

Unlimited Phone, Email, & Chat Support

Real human support provided by trusted U.S. based level 1, 2 and 3 solution experts with deep experience in their respective fields. Phone, chat, and email support available Mon - Fri 9 AM to 4 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Unlimited Fixes & Solutions

Each service plan provides a set number of In-Plan Solution and Resolution implementations per month. Need more implementations than you’re allotted in a certain month? No problem, you’d just pay the rate per additional Solution or Resolution above your allotment in any given month.

Need a Solution or Resolution that is deemed Out-of-Plan, which requires more time and expertise than an In-Plan Solution or Resolution? No problem, you’d just pay the rate per Out-of-Plan Solution or Resolution.

Unlimited Agency & Professional Services Referrals

Need a capable professional services agency in marketing, social media, recruiting or other fields? Take advantage of an unlimited number of connections and referrals to our growing list of pre-vetted agencies and firms as you need them.

Per your service plan, get 20% off all professional services fees as an AdviseForce member.

Unlimited Assessments & Service Price Quotes

Need a matter reviewed with a solution priced out? No problem, we’ll review everything across the full spectrum of e-commerce growth and optimization and we’ll provide a corresponding price quote for the solution.

Design & Development Services

Need a new landing page designed or a site feature coded? Enjoy a robust menu of design and development services priced and ready for execution. Require something unique? No problem, we offer an unlimited number of reviews and service price quotes as you need them.

Per your service plan, get up to 20% off all design, development, & advisory services.

Advisory Services

Need guidance, brainstorming or expertise on a particular project or subject matter? Tap into deep knowledge and experience with seasoned advisors, marketers, and engineers who will help you capture opportunity while saving you time, trial, and error.

Per your service plan, get up to 20% off all advisory services.

Emergency Response & Escalations

Have a matter that needs attention after hours or have an emergency that needs immediate attention? Enjoy rapid emergency response and after-hours services with simple escalation services designed to limit outages and mitigate revenue loss.

Website Health and Speed Monitoring

Website health and speed is critical to your sales and growth. With hundreds-of-thousands of integrations, updates and changes occurring to platforms daily, maintaining a steady watch on site function and productivity is critical. We’ll monitor your site health and provide alerts and recommended actions to protect your revenues and upward growth.

Business Reputation Monitoring & Response

Building, growing, and defending your business reputation is integral to growth. With thousands of review platforms and informational sites spawning annually, maintaining a steady hand on the upward momentum of your reputation is key. We’ll monitor changes to your reputation, along with recommended actions to maintain and grow your reputation.

Recommended Updates & eCommerce Opportunities

Whether it’s a newly launched marketplace, a new ecommerce integration, or a new ad platform, we’ll stay abreast of new site updates and upgrades as well as new industry opportunities that would be a net positive to your business.

Malware Removal

Malware is growing and gaining greater sophistication every year. You’ll benefit from an unlimited amount of malware removal and resolution, no matter what condition of malware has affected your digital operations.

Scam Monitoring & Alerts

Loss of control and breach of systems can be devastating to business operations and growth. We’ll monitor and send you alerts on active scams and threats, along with recommended actions to protect your business from losses.

Access Management

With countless platforms, accounts and access points necessary for every ecommerce business to operate, we’ll provide state-of-the-art access management technology that simplifies distribution and control so that work and access can be distributed in a safe and efficient manner.

Month-to-Month Service

Enjoy our services and discounts for as long as you’re a member. Cancel anytime before your next monthly or yearly service renewal with no fuss and with no long-term contracts.

Plans & Pricing

Get the power of business protection and digital growth.



or 15% of ad spend

Google, Amazon, Bing, Youtube
Fully Managed



or 15% of ad spend

FB + IG, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, X
Fully Managed
  • 20% Off Agencies & Professional Services
  • 10% Off Dev. & Advisory Services



or 15% of ad spend

Micro + Macro Influencers
Fully Managed
  • 20% Off Agencies & Professional Services
  • 20% Off Dev. & Advisory Services
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Solutions Prioritized to 1st in Queue


or $175 per send

10 Email or SMS Sends / Mo
Fully Managed
  • Separate with commas


or 15% of ad spend

Unlimited Ad Networks
Fully Managed
  • Separate with commas


Dedicated Strategist
Monthly Analysis + Action
  • Separate with commas


$95 per additional hour

5 Creative Design Hrs / Mo
15 - 20 Creative Assets / Mo
  • Separate with commas


$95 per additional hour

5 Tech Admin Hrs / Mo
5 - 10 Tech Tasks / Mo
  • Separate with commas

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Revamped Shopify store and doubled revenues over twelve months.

In 2020 AdviseForce led the redevelopment of Try The World’s consumer food website and subscription engine, resulting in a doubling of the enterprise’s revenues within twelve months. Since 2021 AdviseForce has led Try The World’s 24 - 31% year-over-year growth with marketing and technology support under our VIP Plan.


Optimized online sales channels and grew revenues by 20% annually.

In 2021 AdviseForce began optimizing the Fabletics online consumer sales channels, lifting the company’s sales by 20 - 25% annually and guided the brands paid advertising and celebrity influencer marketing efforts with AdviseForce referred agencies under the VIP plan.


Leveraged AF agencies and guided paid ads to nearly 200% revenue growth.

In 2020 AdviseForce began referring HelloFresh to key marketing agencies and guided those relationships into social media and paid advertising achievements of nearly 200% growth that helped drive the brand to the number one position in meal delivery services under the VIP plan.


Rocketed Amazon sales by 160% and grew influencer sales by 8X.

In 2019 AdviseForce reformed the Voss Amazon presence and catapulted the sales channel by 160%, expanded the brand’s digital commerce revenues opportunities by 22%, and rocketed it’s influencer driven sales by 800% under the VIP plan.

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"We couldn't reach anyone competent at Facebook or Google, but you all got it ironed out on your own. It's like having one customer service team for the entire Internet."

Jillian T., New York

"We needed something developed on our Shopify site and the AdviseForce level 2 solutions developer on our account got it done within 72 hours. Pretty nice and painless..."

Henry L., Los Angeles

"Our team really appreciates your phone support and responsiveness. It feels like every other company is pushing customers to tutorials or unhelpful chats ..."

Ali K., Nashville

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What is AdviseForce?

AdviseForce is a one-stop-shop for your digital and ecommerce operations. From trade name protection, technical administration, platform support, solutions development, advisory guidance, and large discounts to agencies and professional services firms, AdviseForce serves as the key digital partner for businesses worldwide. AdviseForce saves members time, money, and trial while maintaining members’ businesses at peak digital performance.

Does AdviseForce provide business insurance?

While we do not provide traditional insurance for your business assets, inventory or equipment, AdviseForce provides an insurance-like protection of your digital business operations. By monitoring your online sites, stores and trade names, performing routine updates and optimizations, putting in place fixes and solutions, and by actively developing needed projects for your growth, AdviseForce effectively ensures that your digital business operations are operating at maximum effectiveness and your business is taking advantage of new opportunities as soon as they become available to your arena.

Does AdviseForce provide support, maintenance, and development for websites and stores?

Yes. As part of our standard services AdviseForce provides comprehensive ongoing support, maintenance, and development services to keep your website and ecommerce store running smoothly and growing. Our services include a myriad of administrative, technical, development features including but not limited to regular updates, bug fixes, security patches, integrations, pixel installations, speed optimizations, technical assistance, feature development and much more. AdviseForce serves as a technical administrative member of your team that can complete digital tasks and develop new projects as they are needed.

Does AdviseForce provide technical support for 3rd party platforms?

Yes. As platforms like Google, Facebook, Shopify and others reduce their support, AdviseForce provides state-of-the-art phone, email, and chat support for hundreds of digital and ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart and so many more more. From account creation, administration, optimization, and feature expansion, we support your digital needs with true phone, email and chat support with a highly trained staff of level 1, 2 and 3 digital solution experts and engineers.

We support nearly every single ecommerce, website, CRM, and marketing platform online, but if you’d like to be sure, just send our team an email at to confirm whether we support your technology and marketing platforms.

Our website needs a custom feature. Can AdviseForce develop it for us?

Yes. We offer custom development services tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experienced developers will work closely with you to understand your requirements, provide a price quote and deliver a unique and fully functional custom feature for your website or ecommerce store. In certain cases, if the feature requested is something relatively simple, it may be included as part of our In-Plan services as a Fix or Solution and may not require Out-of-Plan custom development. Please contact our team at to determine if your desired feature is covered by standard In-Plan services.

Can AdviseForce increase the speed performance of websites and stores?

Yes. We offer performance optimization for websites and ecommerce stores. Our solutions team will conduct a thorough analysis, identify bottlenecks, and implement immediate administrative and code fixes to improve your website's speed and overall performance. Additionally, our team will also identify any larger areas of improvement that may require additional coding and/or development that you may want us to perform.

What happens if AdviseForce is unable to complete something?

AdviseForce provides a Service Level Guarantee for all of its service features. If for any highly unlikely reason AdviseForce is unable to fix an issue, deliver a solution, or complete a project, we shall not bill for that matter. This provides members peace-of-mind in knowing that if something can be done, the AdviseForce team will successfully resolve or complete it, otherwise there is no cost associated with that matter.

Does AdviseForce match members with agencies and professional firms?

Yes. AdviseForce matches members with capable and affordable marketing, public relations, and other agencies as well as accounting, legal, and other professional services firms, as requested and without limits. AdviseForce maintains a growing list of prequalified and highly effective agencies and professional services firms that save members time and money as well as trial and error. Additionally, as part of the AdviseForce services, members receive 20% off all service fees from the AdviseForce partner agencies and professional services firms that they are matched with.

How does the 20% off agency and professional services firms work?

An AdviseForce member can request an unlimited number of agency and professional services firm referrals. Each AdviseForce agency and professional services firm partner is required to provide 20% off all of their services ongoing to AdviseForce members, as long as those members have a qualified plan active with AdviseForce.

Does AdviseForce protect brands and trademarks?

Yes. As part of the AdviseForce services we actively protect your brand name and trademarks by monitoring for hijacking, counterfeiting, abuse, and impersonation. Upon member approval, every infringement we identify is pursued with cease and desist demands, 3rd party platform notifications, and other means of removal to recover your revenue and protect your brand.

Does AdviseForce remove malware?

Yes. As part of the standard AdviseForce services, we provide an unlimited amount of malware removal. Additionally, AdviseForce will actively monitor and protect your digital assets to prevent future malware attacks.

Can AdviseForce help if my digital assets have been hacked?

Yes. AdviseForce maintains rapid hack recovery protocols that greatly reduce cost, exposure and damage to businesses. Additionally, AdviseForce has deep contacts and partnerships with nearly all digital platforms that uniquely positions AdviseForce with capacities that speed up recovery from a hack or security compromise. If you’ve been hacked and are in need of immediate help, contact our team at for assistance.

Can AdviseForce act as a pseudo technical contact for my business?

Yes. AdviseForce can and does service as a key technical contact for countless online businesses to carry out a wide variety of tasks as needed and as required in the course of business operations. AdviseForce members rest assured that an experienced team of trusted solution experts are at their disposal whenever necessary.

How can members reach AdviseForce support?

AdviseForce maintains a highly trained team of platform and industry solution experts that are available through true phone, email, and chat support as needed. Our support hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM - 4 PM Pacific Standard time. We also provide weekend and emergency protocols for incidents that require immediate attention and resolution.

Where are AdviseForce solution experts based?

AdviseForce solutions experts are based in the United States and are highly experienced in their fields of knowledge. Unlike what you experience when you call Google, Microsoft, Facebook or any other support team, AdviseForce solution experts offer a high level of competency and capacity to efficiently identify and address fixes, provide solutions and develop projects. Our solution experts receive ongoing training and are rated from a level 1 to a level 3 rating that indicates their level of understanding and ability on any given fix, solution, or project that is assigned.

What is the AdviseForce cancellation policy?

All of our services are either month-to-month or year-to-year based on member plan selection. AdviseForce requires no long-term contracts and a member can cancel at anytime before their next service renewal either through their online dashboard or with a simple interaction with the AdviseForce support team.

How do I apply for an AdviseForce position?

You can apply for an AdviseForce position by sending your resume and contact information to We are expanding quickly with active and ongoing hiring for the positions of Solutions Coordinator, Solutions Expert, Solutions Engineer, and Solutions Sales Executive.